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We’ll let’s just start by saying we’re excited that you want know more about who we are as SU MAG. Think coffee shop, sitting across a table from one another, with you having just asked, “Tell me about SU MAG.”

Glad you asked.

Scripture Union South Africa has been ministering to the young people of South Africa for just about forever (since 1924) through many creative, imaginative, fun but always-effective ways. In 2016 (that’s just the other day), we were talking about all the people who connect with young people every day. We thought of you, the teacher, the youth pastor, the parent, the social worker, the nurse and the rest of you and what a challenge and responsibility it all can be but also what a God given opportunity it is to be positioned to influence the life of a young person.

So we wanted to be in conversation with the thousands upon thousands of you and thought an online platform was probably the most likely space we could all run into each other quite often.

So SU MAG was born (so we are really still a child who has much to learn) with the desire to inspire, inform, challenge, and encourage those entrusted with the young people of South Africa by writing content that is contextual and true to God’s Word. That last sentence is our best go at the moment at explaining why we exist.

Our content focusses on three main environments:


and then we also way in some thoughts on CULTURE.

And if you’ve read this far you get a free subscription to SU MAG, oh wait, it is free already. So hopefully you can see SU MAG as a little gift from us to you, which you can unwrap every week. We hope and pray it’s just what you wanted… no scratch that… what you needed.