We caught up this week with Christian author and speaker Dalene Reyburn to chat about her new book, Traveling Light. We also asked her to share some of the life lessons she’s learnt as a daughter, spouse and mother. She also told us about an exciting new project she worked on with Dr Michael Mol.

Congratulations on the publication of your new book, Traveling Light. What’s the idea behind ‘Traveling Light’?

Well, we’re all traveling, all the time. We’re traveling through life, all the sunrises and sunsets it takes us to get from birth to death. And we’ll go further, with greater strength and joy, energy and efficiency, if we shed excess baggage, and travel light.

The devotional deals with topics like identity, calling, adventure, how to live well in times of waiting, living in the light, and so much more.

In light of the ongoing violence and abuse against woman in our country, what encouragement would women gain from reading Traveling Light?

My prayer is that women working through this devotional would come to really know – in the marrow of their bones – their identity in Jesus. I pray they’d begin to unpack their purpose and destiny, and be inspired to surrender themselves to their Heavenly Father, who can be trusted, and who has an incredible adventure mapped out for each of us.

Finding time for a daily devotion is a challenge. What’s your ‘secret formula’?

Years ago a friend and mentor said to me, ‘The King is waiting to meet with you every day. Do you plan on being there?’ That helps me make space and time to be in God’s presence. Because if I had an appointment to meet with a human king, I’m sure I wouldn’t cancel that appointment just because I’m kind of busy…

As someone who works with words all day, what three specific words would you share with your fellow South Africans and why?

Grateful. Content. Ready. Be grateful for all God has done for you in the past. Be content with where God has you today, in the present. And be ready for whatever future plans He has for you.

What is one life lesson you’ve learned as…
a daughter,

My mom is still so often the voice in my head – and I’ve realized I’ll be that voice for my boys! I’m grateful for my parents’ calm perspectives and timely wisdom. What an example.

a spouse,

My husband is my safe place, my covering, my refuge from a crazy world. He lays himself down constantly for my sake, doing all he can to see me become all God has called me to be. I learn so much from him about sacrificial love and generosity.

and a mom

Becoming a mom cracked my heart wide open and I found an abyss of love I hadn’t known was there. It’s given me a deeper aha!-understanding of God’s love for us – which is of course far deeper and wider!

What can we expect next from the writings of Dalene Reyburn?

I’ve just completed another daily devotional with Dr Michael Mol. It’s called An Apple a Day and it’s on spiritual and physical health. It’ll hit the shelves mid-2020, God willing. And I have a few other book ideas brewing… Watch this space!

You can purchase a copy of Traveling Light here.