For a bit of fun, we thought we’d try guess what movie some of our favourite characters in the Bible would choose to watch on Valentine’s Day. Get the popcorn ready (and spoiler alert).


Most of us probably picture Moses as pretty old, with a white beard, holding the ten commandments and a staff. Even though he was young once, we decided to stick with this typical portrayal of the shepherd leader, and have him and Zipporah sitting down to watch the oldest romance movie classic (that we know) on Valentine’s Day, Gone with the Wind.


Rahab according to the Jewish Midrash, was one of the four most beautiful women the world has ever known (mentioned alongside Sarah, Abigail and Esther). It’s okay we had no idea either.

We think the two spies who visited Rahab would choose the movie Pretty Woman on Valentine’s Day for her. Why? Well, besides the obvious title, both woman end up being rescued from their circumstances.


So many movies to choose from for the one described as a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). After much thinking (and coffee), we’re going to focus on David’s amazing musical gifting (1 Samuel 16:23) and choose a musical for him. What do you think we chose?

We picked the Valentine’s Day movie, La La Land for David and can just picture him dancing in his linen ephod (2 Samuel 6) and Michal getting all upset again.


No way we could leave foot-washing Mary off the list. She gave us one of the most beautiful and memorable examples of sacrificial love in the Bible (John 12:3).

Mary’s going to be watching Titanic with Rose and Jack of course. Who could forget that final scene in the water. Get those tissues ready.


Peter has always struck us as the disciple who wears his heart on his sleeve. Peter is open, willing, messes up a lot but also always moves forward in faith. We like him a lot.

We also like Augustus Waters from The Fault in our Stars who is just as honest and passionate about life. We figure Peter would enjoy his take on life. Now Peter just needs someone to watch the movie with on Valentine’s Day.

That’s our quick take on some of our favourite bible characters, movies, and Valentine’s Day. What are you planning to watch?