It is our hope and prayer that the following two original Christmas poems: ‘A Lonely Season’ and ‘The Joys of Christmas’ by South African poet Angela Chetty will aid your Advent reflections.

A Lonely Season

Loneliness bites into my bones

Its grip gets tighter and tighter

All I can think of are the days

When you were by my side

How will I get through these holidays?

My broken heart feels shredded

My mind cannot shake this feeling.

I am consumed by your loss

How do I go on without you?

These holidays and Christmas

Will never be the same.

I feel like the depths of despair has

Possessed my psyche.

When will this feeling end?

Lord, give me strength

To face this loss

Take me by the hand

Comfort me in your love

Wipe away the tears in my heart.

God is with you through all life’s seasons

This curtain of grief will lift

The burden of heaviness will melt away

Share your heartfelt loss

Write letters to your loved one

Treasure the moments you were blessed with

Celebrate their life.

Nothing lasts forever

Remember you are not alone

“ I will never leave you, nor forsake you,

I will be with you even until the end.”

Trust in the promises of God

You will “breathe” the joys of life.

© Angela Chetty 10/12/ 2021

The Joys of Christmas

Amidst the hurry and flurry

Caught up in the commercial hype

With Christmas trees and fairy lights

Santa Claus and searching gifts for loved ones

Do not forget the reason for the season

The birth of Christ our Lord.

Oh! What a night it must have been

when shepherds saw the star

Finding Baby Jesus, they worshipped him

Blessing him with precious treasures.

The humble beginnings of a child born to be King.

His unselfish love

The glory of His grace

The ultimate sacrifice he paid for our lives

Oh! What peace we find

In knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord.

Through it all, his faithfulness never changes

This Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus

We give thanks to God

For his love and blessings.

© Angela Chetty 09/12/2021